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Migraine Botox

Migraine Botox

As we go about our daily lives, we experience pain of varying intensity in different parts of the body, which may or may not be due to an organ-related cause. These pains can be short-term (acute) or long-term and recurrent (chronic).

Headache is the most common and complained about pain in the society. Primary headaches, which are not related to other diseases, constitute a large proportion of headaches (90%).

Migraine Botox

Migraine (migraine) is a moderate or severe headache that occurs suddenly on one side of the head, mostly in the temple, forehead and nape. It is also known as Half Headache. Migraine, which starts in any age period, mostly in adolescence, decreases in frequency over time, continuous or recurrent, is among the primary headaches. Migraine is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light, blurred and blurred vision, and the smell of different odors, which negatively affect the comfort of daily life and can last for hours or even days. Migraine that occurs at least two to eight days in a month and progresses as four-hour pain attacks is considered chronic migraine. The incidence rate in women is approximately four times that of men. Chronic migraine ranks in the top twenty on the List of Diseases that Restrict Labor Force in the World.

There has not yet been an accurate, generally accepted determination about the cause of migraine. However, gene structure, age, gender and some activities and chemicals in the brain - nervous system are considered to be factors that cause migraine or increase its effect. Especially abnormal activities occurring in the brain affect the nerves, chemicals in the nerves and brain, blood vessels and the transmission between them.

The nerves that perform motor and sensory functions in humans are the Cranial Nerves (Cranial Nerves or Cranial Pairs), which emerge from the central nervous system located in the brain and are distributed throughout the body and have a paired structure, one on the right and one on the left. There are 12 pairs in total and each has a different function. The fifth of these pairs, the Nervus Trigeminus (5th Cranial Pair), controls biting, chewing and facial sensation. During the onset phase of migraine; the level of the hormone serotonin, which gives people a feeling of happiness and well-being, decreases. This releases communication chemicals (neurotransmitters) sent to the brain by the Nervus Trigeminus that cause pain. The released chemicals cause the pain to intensify and persist.

Migraine, which is caused by abnormal activities in the brain and nervous system, affects both health and daily life with the pain it causes and leads people to seek treatment for this problem. In the treatment of migraine, many alternative treatment methods, especially medical (medication), are applied. Especially the fact that botox has become available for many diseases and problems and its healing success is increasing day by day has become a hope for migraine patients.

Migraine Botox, which is applied by injecting botox into the nerves and muscles in order to weaken the Nervus Trigeminus nerve that controls the sensation in the facial area and to relieve migraine and the pain it causes, has started to be used effectively.

Where is Migraine Botox Done?

In migraine botox; Since the communication chemicals (neurotransmitters) sent to the brain by the Nervus Trigeminus during the onset phase of migraine cause pain, it is aimed to weaken and neutralize this nerve and the muscles it controls. Botox, a purified protein-containing toxin derived from Clostridium Botulinum bacteria in a laboratory environment, blocks the nerve endings by preventing the chemical secretion of the nerves in the area where it is injected, weakens the nerves and prevents the occurrence of pain.

In migraine botox application; Depending on the severity of pain seen in the patient, pain threshold and pain area, botox is injected into the appropriate points in the interbrow (glabella), side (temporal), frontal (frontal) and back (suboccipital) regions of the head, neck and shoulder regions with the help of cannula or fine-tipped needles, the nervous system and related muscles are blocked and the release of pain chemicals is stopped and their transmission to the brain is prevented. This application is repeated every 3 months.

Since the injection site is numbed with anesthetic gels and creams, no pain is felt during and after the injection, only mild burning and soreness may be felt, which can be reduced by applying ice therapy (cold compress) to the injection sites.

After the application, hospitalization is not required and daily life is continued. You can return to work on the same day. However, in the first few days, heavy activities that require excessive force and increase the body's heat level and extremely hot environments should be avoided, and the botoxed areas should not be rubbed.

If you experience frequent and prolonged, severe headaches that affect your daily life and want to get help in this regard; you can contact us using our contact information; you can be treated in our center that prioritizes your special demands and needs, and get more detailed information.

Migraine Botox Information About

1 Seans
How Many Sessions Are Performed 1 Seans
6-8 Months
Duration of Persistence 6-8 Months
5 Minutes
Processing Time 5 Minutes
When to Return to Work Now
Local Anesthesia
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Everyone's body structure is different. Therefore, everyone's treatment process, planning and results also differ. The information given about the procedure is average values. Please contact us for detailed information. communication get along.

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When you go to him for the first interview, you will already take the day for surgery and leave :) a doctor who is so sweet and explains everything to the finest detail. I saw 1 bad comment, I think anyone who knows the deliberate Elad knows that he will not treat the patient with such a style.

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You can be sure that he will be one of the sweetest, most caring, smiling doctors you will ever see! He is a tremendous person with his beautiful work and posture. I am in the 5th month of my surgery and I am very happy that I chose him. Good thing you are Mr. Elad :) I have no doubt that you will sign many more beautiful works. And you, dear friends who want to see a procedure, research and read this comment, you will be happy if you choose Elad Bey

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