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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty

Structural and deformational disorders such as curvature, asymmetry, arched structure in the dorsal bone, congestion, nasal tip fall, collapse of the nasal support, which is the most important factor of facial beauty and aesthetic appearance and enables the respiratory tract to function comfortably, have led people to seek to correct and make it functional.

Rhinoplasty surgeries do not produce the same positive results in all patients. After rhinoplasty; a second or third intervention may be needed due to incorrect intervention, deformations caused by the person's nasal structure or dissatisfaction with the appearance.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty; It is a subsequent surgical operation performed to eliminate the problems and dissatisfaction caused by previous rhinoplasty surgeries. Although the operation performed to correct the negative results of the surgery performed by another surgeon is called "Secondary Rhinoplasty", the general common use is "Revision Rhinoplasty".

If the intervention is small touches in the form of filing or filling with filler to a limited area, it is called Touch up or minor (minor) revision, and if the nose structure will be reshaped (sometimes with ribs and ear cartilage), it is called major revision rhinoplasty.

When Is Revision Rhinoplasty Performed?

The side effects / complications seen in the patient after the first rhinoplasty, damage and deformations in the nose, tissues and facial area, the appearance being different from the planned appearance due to incorrect application, the patient's dissatisfaction with the new appearance are the biggest factors in deciding on revision rhinoplasty. However, in order to perform a healthy and risk-free revision rhinoplasty, it is recommended that 6 to 12 months have passed since the first rhinoplasty, depending on the patient's condition.

As with any surgery, there may be unexpected situations after the first rhinoplasty that may cause the operation to be defined as unsuccessful. After rhinoplasty

  • Nasal obstructions as a result of meat adhesion and meat growth,
  • Narrowing of the air channels of the nose as a result of excessive removal of the nasal side cartilages, collapse of the side walls while breathing, problems in breathing, closure of the nasal roof (valve) during deep breathing (valve insufficiency - alar retraction collapse) or inability to send enough air to the lungs,
  • Inadequate removal of the arch in the dorsal bone of the nose (parrot beak - pollybeak) or excessive filing / carving of the nose, resulting in the continuation of the ugly appearance,
  • Collapse of the dorsal bone and cartilage structure of the nose (saddle nose),
  • Failure to eliminate nasal curvature or nasal curvature after rhinoplasty (deviation - twisted nose),
  • Failure to eliminate low nasal tip or low nasal tip after rhinoplasty,
  • Openness and hollowing of the dorsal bone of the nose as a result of incomplete fracture of the nasal bones from the sides (open roof deformation),
  • "Λ" shadowing at the junction of the nasal dorsal bone and cartilage,
  • Asymmetrical nostrils that are too small or too large,
  • Excessive lifting of the tip of the nose after the intervention (pig snout),
  • Excessive scarring / scarring (scar / sclerosis) or skin and soft tissue problems in the inner or outer region of the nose,
  • The new size of the nose may be disproportionate to the face and asymmetry may occur.
  • Revision rhinoplasty is performed to eliminate these problems.

Are There Risks of Revision Rhinoplasty?

The problem of scar tissue from the initial rhinoplasty can often be seen after revision rhinoplasty. Patches (grafts) are often used to eliminate this problem.

In addition, in revision rhinoplasty, there is usually a need for cartilage placement or filling in the nose. In the majority of patients who have rhinoplasty for aesthetic purposes, there is a prejudice that the first surgery was unsuccessful in the phase of getting used to their appearance. Before the revision rhinoplasty decision is made, this prejudice must first be overcome. It is best to leave the decision about whether intervention is necessary to the specialist.

As with initial rhinoplasty, the surgeon has a limited chance of making mistakes in revision rhinoplasty. The principle "It is more difficult to fix something than to do it" also applies to rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty is a more laborious operation for the surgeon than the first rhinoplasty. Therefore, the experience of the surgeon becomes even more important in revision rhinoplasty. The surgeon who will perform the operation must have a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology and have a complete command of the current situation.

Revision rhinoplasty results in success depending on the condition of the nose after the first rhinoplasty, the patient's demands and the experience and skill of the surgeon.

How Much Are Revision Rhinoplasty Prices?

Since there is a separate diagnosis and treatment for each case and situation, it is not possible to give general information about the price of revision rhinoplasty. If you are experiencing breathing difficulties and structural problems after your first rhinoplasty surgery or if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose, you can contact us using our contact information.

Revision Rhinoplasty Information About

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How Many Sessions Are Performed 1 Seans
3-4 Hours
Processing Time 3-4 Hours
10 Days Later
When to Return to Work 10 Days Later
General Anesthesia
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Everyone's body structure is different. Therefore, everyone's treatment process, planning and results also differ. The information given about the procedure is average values. Please contact us for detailed information. communication get along.

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