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Problems of Professional Audio Users

Problems of Professional Audio Users

The word "professional", so often used in everyday life, but often in the wrong sense, has two meanings;

  • Professional in terms of Occupation: A "professional" is a person who does what he/she does not as an amateur for a hobby, entertainment or to gain prestige in the social environment, but for the purpose of making a living, earning a good wage and not losing his/her job.
  • Professional by Qualification: A "professional" is a person who performs his/her job skillfully at the best level and at an exemplary level, whether he/she earns a profit or not.


Problems of Professional Audio Users

Many occupational groups such as voice and theater artists, actors, politicians, teachers, lecturers, teachers, instructors, trainers, coaches, call center employees, announcers, counter staff, salespeople, clergy, lawyers, etc. who perform their profession with their voice or whose most important instrument is the voice while performing their profession are considered professional voice users. While some of these groups are considered professionals because they earn a salary from their work, some of them are qualified professionals who are able to do their profession and earn a profit in return.

What are Voice Disorders (Dysphonia) in Professional Voice Users?

The irregular output of the voice due to problems in the vocal cords in the throat region, the voice box and the larynx region that contains them is called Voice Disorder (Dysphonia). Sound is an energy. When the vocal cords vibrate, they gain energy and create sound. Therefore, the use of sound is directly related to the vocal cords. Improperly used voice causes tissue deterioration in the vocal cords such as nodules, polyps, cysts, cancer or paralysis, and as a result of these organic deterioration, voice disorder occurs.

Although some of the voice disorders seen in professional voice users are caused by environmental factors or some organic diseases, it is known that they are mostly caused by prolonged, incorrect intonation and forced use of the voice. Prolonged and intensive use of the voice alone leads to vocal disorders, but improper use and straining of the voice also cause this disorder to increase and cause serious problems.

Although the voice disorders encountered by people who use their voices normally and professional voice users are generally similar or the same, the likelihood of the problem occurring and the negative effects on the profession are higher in professional voice users. Just as athletes experience more injuries to the muscles, organs and tissues they use and strain than non-athletes, it is just as natural for professional voice users to experience voice disorders. However, while voice disorders such as hoarseness, bifurcation of the voice, speaking with a thin voice in a person who works in a job where the voice is not effective often do not even attract the attention of the people around them and do not prevent them from doing their job, they are noticed more quickly in professional voice users and as they progress, they become an obstacle to their profession. In addition, since professional voice users have limited opportunities to rest their voices compared to other people, the problem, which may seem small at first, gradually grows and becomes a serious health problem.

People with a voice disorder usually have a hoarse, rough, strained, trembling, hoarse, low or high voice, breathing with the voice (airy voice), an abnormal pitch, loss of voice or a weak voice. They also exert more effort when speaking. Fatigue is felt with prolonged use of the voice. Different voice quality at different times of the day. Breathing speeds up. The need to cough and clear the throat increases. Sore throat is experienced. Symptoms and complaints may occur alone or together.

What are the Preventive Measures for Voice Disorders (Dysphonia) in Professional Voice Users?

In fact, people who are professional by profession have job security and earn better if they are also professional by quality. Qualitative professionalism in professional voice users means not only doing their job well, but also being sensitive and conscious about protecting and using the voice they use to do that job. Therefore, the first step in preventing voice disorders is awareness.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of professional voice users do not receive any training in the correct use of their voices, which they use most intensively throughout their lives, and as a result, they use their voices incorrectly and forcefully, and do not realize the seriousness of the issue until a voice problem develops and reaches an advanced level and prevents them from practicing their profession.

Professional voice users should constantly listen to their voices and monitor changes in their voices, knowing that they are in the risk group for voice disorders and voice problems.

Today, various tests such as the Voice Disorder Score or the GRBAS Scale, which are easy to apply, inexpensive and require a short time, can easily determine how much voice disorders affect daily life, inform professional voice users about whether they are using the voice correctly, and diagnose voice disorders. Regularly undergoing an ear, nose and throat specialist control without waiting for any voice disorder will minimize the problems that may occur.

It is also very important to eliminate the factors that may cause voice disorders. First of all, it will be effective to receive voice training to use the voice correctly. In addition, avoiding smoking and cigarette smoke, consuming plenty of water, focusing on the treatment of diseases such as reflux and allergies with small changes in daily life such as voice rest will prevent the growth of voice problems.

If you want to avoid voice problems as a professional voice user or if you want to solve your existing voice disorder; you can contact us using our contact information; You can be treated in our center, which is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders, uses tools and apparatus equipped with the latest technologies, prioritizes your special demands and needs, and get more detailed information.

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