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Otoplasty (Prominent Ear Surgery)

Otoplasty (Prominent Ear Surgery)

One of our sensory organs that enables the body to communicate with its environment is the ear, the organ of hearing. It consists of three parts: inner, middle and outer ear and the parts other than the pinna (auricle) are located inside the skull and are not visible from the outside.

With the folds and structural forms on it; the auricle, which collects the surrounding sounds, concentrates the sound waves, transmits them to the ear canal by putting them in the most appropriate acoustic shape, protects the middle and inner ear from sudden sounds, dust and dirt; In addition to the tasks it undertakes, it is also very important aesthetically.

Otoplasty (Prominent Ear Surgery)

The auricles, which are protruding on either side of the head, have a direct effect on the appearance of the face. If they are excessively large, small or curved, they disrupt the symmetry of the face and create an ugly appearance.

Under normal conditions, the distance between the outer edge of the earlobe and the head is at most 2 cm. The angle between the auricle and the head is at most 200 in women and at most 250 in men. The size of the auricle is usually normal and proportional to the size of the skull. However, according to research, in 1 in 20 people, the distance and angle values are higher than they should be.

The problem of the ear appearing disproportionately large with the face as a result of the ear coming forward and / or sideways due to the angle between the auricle and the head area being more than 200 / 250 is called Prominent Ear. Prominent ear is the most common ear-related deformity. The term "prominent" is also used in different cultures as "sail, basket, cup, bat". It can be seen in both ears or in a single ear.

What are the Causes of Prominent Ear?

Prominent ear is a genetically transmitted problem that is present from birth. 85% of ear development is completed by the age of three and reaches the required size by the age of 15. In other words, the size of the ears in children up to the age of three is already large compared to the skull. For this reason, there are also cases that are present at birth but are not detected and become apparent later.

The anatomical disorder that causes the prominent ear problem and is transmitted by genes; It may be caused by the cartilage structure in the ear having loose tissues, the angle between the bone behind the ear and the auricle being more than 200 / 250 or the upper folds of the auricle not being fully formed.

What Problems Does Prominent Ear Cause?

Among all the functions that the ear fulfills, the contribution of the pinna to hearing is limited and the task it fulfills intensively is to provide an aesthetically normal appearance. For this reason; prominent ear, which does not have an inhibitory effect on hearing function, is mostly accepted as a psychological problem caused by aesthetic concerns.

All individuals with prominent ears, whether children, women or men, experience psychological problems due to their appearance. The severity and level of this problem varies from person to person. Especially in many movies, cartoons and animations, funny characters are highlighted with disproportionate facial features, especially with large ears; it reveals how important and effective facial features are in character definition and perception, regardless of cultural differences. Of course, this situation causes children with prominent ears to be more negatively affected, especially by those around them, who are likened to funny characters, made fun of and not taken seriously. Women can temporarily overcome this problem by covering their ears with their hair that they leave open. Men, on the other hand, continue to seek solutions as the group that applies the most for ear aesthetic operations.

Psychological problems due to prominent ears can lead to serious problems such as depression, lack of self-confidence, and self-anxiety. For this reason, the prominent ear problem must be solved by using the right methods.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

Today, as a result of advances in the field of medicine in parallel with technological developments, the prominent ear problem can be solved with very simple interventions. In order to solve the prominent ear problem and obtain a normal appearance, the process of adjusting the correct angle of the ear and / or cartilage shaping with surgical intervention is called Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty).

In the first 3 days in newborn babies, since the estrogen level passing through the mother is very high, the cartilage structure is more flexible and malleable. If the prominent ear is noticed during this period, the ear angle can be adjusted with specially produced tapes and wires and the problem can be solved permanently in an average of one month. In children who have passed the non-surgical intervention period, if detected; intervention between the ages of 4-6, when ear development is largely completed and the pre-school period, helps the child to get rid of the prominent ear without being exposed to negative pressures by the environment, without causing a psychological problem, and to grow up as a healthy and confident individual.

Prominent ear surgery is a simple aesthetic surgery operation that should be performed by a specialist doctor under hospital conditions.  First of all, considering the complaints and demands of the patient, two-dimensional or three-dimensional simulations are used to plan the intervention to be performed and the possible image that will occur after the operation is evaluated together with the patient.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, high blood pressure patients, those who use blood thinners, those with skin problems, those who have previously undergone surgery on the face should definitely inform the doctor before the application.

The surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. Depending on the planned change, the ear is intervened from the front or back of the ear. The desired appearance is achieved by adjusting the correct angle of the ear and / or shaping the cartilage. Suture, a medical device used to hold body tissues together, is used when needed. The operation takes approximately 1-1.5 hours, after which the ear is bandaged with special tapes.

What is the Recovery Time for Prominent Ear Surgery?

Since the incisions made in otoplasty surgery are usually behind the ear, there is no scar appearance. After prominent ear surgery; Depending on the type and effect of the anesthesia applied, the patient is discharged after a few hours or a day of observation. Since the operation is a simple intervention and does not contain stitches, healing is fast. After about 1-2 weeks, the bands are removed and the healing process is completed. The ear gets rid of its prominent appearance and gains an aesthetically harmonious and proportional appearance.

There is no hearing loss or weakness either during convalescence or after recovery. In accordance with the doctor's advice, 1-2 days after the operation, the ear area can be showered without getting wet, and activities required by daily life can be performed. During the healing process, the ear and head area should be carefully protected against external impacts.

What is the Price of Prominent Ear Surgery?

It is not possible to give general information about the price of prominent ear surgery. Because each operation to be performed varies according to the patient's demand and need. In addition, by the Ministry of Health; It has been evaluated that the written disclosure of aesthetic intervention prices will lead to unfair competition and it has been deemed inconvenient to share.

If you have a prominent ear problem and you are not satisfied with your appearance, to have a more beautiful appearance; you can contact us using our contact information; You can be treated in our center that prioritizes your special demands and needs, and get more detailed information.

Otoplasty (Prominent Ear Surgery) Information About

1 Seans
How Many Sessions Are Performed 1 Seans
Duration of Persistence Lifetime
2 Hours
Processing Time 2 Hours
7 Days Later
When to Return to Work 7 Days Later
General-Local Anesthesia
Anesthesia General-Local Anesthesia
Everyone's body structure is different. Therefore, everyone's treatment process, planning and results also differ. The information given about the procedure is average values. Please contact us for detailed information. communication get along.

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